Learn how to earn 120k working 2 days a week!

By saving a billion dollar corporation hundreds of thousands a year, we earned an amazing percentage of that!

Our ground breaking workshops teach you evaluation, treatments, and patient education based on Dr. E's Modern Manual Therapy. More importantly, you also get marketing materials, real world data, and a step by step process to get out of reliance on 3rd party payers for reimbursement!

Why wait for reimbursement and allowed visit numbers to go up?

Here's what other people are saying...

"Dr. McLarky and his team had unprecendented results with their program at our facility. The results were nothing short of astounding within 1 year."

"The screening, treatment, and education on self treatment is simple, evidence based, and more importantly, easy enough for any physical therapist to implement."

"I had almost immediate relief for my chonic lower back issues after seeing Dr. McLarky on site."

Learn how to screen and treat in a corporate environment. We can do more than just regular fitness!

Our offerings range from an online intro webinar to 2 day hybrid online/live certification program. You can attend one of our seminars or host it at your facility. The investment will pay for itself. How many other workshops give you the opportunity to advance you career?

What Modern Corporate Wellness Gets You

MCW Saves your Hands

If you're a traditional manual therapist, reducing the amount of days you work and emphasizing patient self assessment and treatment will keep your hands from overuse.

The MCW Teaches Pain Science Education and Recovery Strategies

Modern Manual Therapy, a basis of Modern Corporate Wellness, uses Pain Science Education to teach the patients that pain is not often correlated with tissue damage or the results of x-rays, MRIs, or other scans. This positive interaction reduces fear avoidance and puts their nervous system in state that is ready to move and exercise.

MCW Restores Function and Maximizes Recovery

As part of a comprehensive at work and home treatment program, MCW gets employees back to work sooner and helps prevents sick leave and future injuries.